My first words about Sardinia and Sardinians (Mountain Biking Tour 17-23 February 2020) :
My first words about Sardinia and Sardinians (Mountain Biking Tour 17-23 February 2020) :

My first words about Sardinia and Sardinians (Mountain Biking Tour 17-23 February 2020) : Before I get into the details of our trips, I want to say that our seven days traveling and mountain biking in Sardinia was one of the most pleasant bike trips we have been on. Not only that the countryside were very natural and beautiful, but all the Sardinians we have met were extremely friendly and helpful, ranging from shop owners, restaurant workers, and even fellow local tourists we met along the way.


But there were two people that I wanted to single them out who have during their time guiding and supporting our trips, have become our friends.


Mr. Wanny Scarpa, the owner of Biking Sardinia ( ). His company supplied the rental electric-assisted mountain bikes that we used on the trip. They were in extremely good condition and very modern. Wanny says that he sells off older bikes and get some new ones every year and the bikes we used ranged from only about two years old to brand new. Besides the quality of the bikes, Wanny also provided supports with his various vans so that we were able to ride in different areas of Sardinia. His love of biking was on full display as he personally guided us on the ride in Alghero area.


Mr. Francesco Mura, the owner of Bella Biking ( ) was our eMTB guide for the first two days. He was not only knowledgeable about the trails and all the highlight points, but he also understood each of our riding abilities and adjusted our routes so that we all can enjoy them equally. He even arrange an amazing lunch at local hangout for the hikers that had both amazing views and very Sardinian food that without his help, we would never had a chance to try.


Both Wanny and Francesco also gave us many tips about things to see and do on periods that we were not biking. We got to witness the Sartiglia Festival ( ) from their recommendation.


If anyone looking to explore Sardinia by bikes (especially the amazing electric-assisted mountain bike) I strongly suggest that you contact either Wanny or Francesco for an unforgetable biking holiday.


On Monday March 10 2020, the Italian Government decided to lock down the whole of Italy, including Sardinia. Our prayers go to our new found friends and can only hope that this hard time will be over as soon as possible.