Bike tour in Porto Conte Natural Park: a di-wine experience!
Bike tour in Porto Conte Natural Park: a di-wine experience!

Ready for this amazing bike tour in Porto Conte Natural Park? Everyone in the saddle and let’s go!


Meeting point: Biking Sardinia, Alghero

The appointment is in the early afternoon, in front of Biking Sardinia headquarters in Alghero. Wanny, the owner, is waiting for us and says a big hello. Our e-bikes are ready, brand new, they look as if they have just come out of the shop. Wanny says that he changes them every two years to provide the best quality to his clients. He has also prepared helmets for us and he is ready to be our guide on this bike tour. 


Ready to go!

We set off on time for our bike tour and cycle along Alghero seashore, breathing the fresh breeze that comes from the sea. We reach Punta Negra pine forest, where the ascent to Mount Doglia begins. It is 437 meters high and it’s the highest peak of Porto Conte Natural Park, but our brand new e-bikes allow us to climb uphill without any kind of problem.

We cycle through the Mediterranean vegetation, leaving the coast behind us and we finally reach the top. From here the view is breathtaking: 360 degrees over the Gulf of Alghero and the porto conte bay  Bay of Porto Conte. We get off our bikes to take the ritual group selfie with the amazing view behind us. Back in the saddle we go back to the sea level and head towards the promontory of Punta Giglio. The contrasting colours of this area, blue, white and green, stun us and we barely notice some buildings that are hidden behind the rocks and the green bushes. Wanny tells us that they date back to the Second World War and invite us to explore them with him. We can see the ruins of cannon platforms and, as we approach the remains of the barracks, we see graffiti left by the soldiers who stayed there.


Natural and cultural bike tour 


Ready to go downhill, we cycle to one of the most beautiful beaches of Alghero, Lazzaretto beach. An amazing succession of coves, covered by fine white sand that plunge into the blue water of Sardinian sea. This seems like paradise! We promise ourselves to come back and enjoy a refreshing swim after our bike tour.

Wanny recommends us to visit Nuraghe Palmavera Nuraghe Palmavera and we are very enthusiastic about it. We are very interested in Nuragic civilization because of all its mysteries and doubts that historians haven't solved yet. So we travel through time and go back to prehistoric times. During our visit we discover that Nuraghe Palmavera dates back to 4000 years ago and had more than 150 huts, while today only 50 remain.


A really di-wine tour!

It’s time to go back in our saddles and move towards the final destination of our bike tour. We cycle through the little hill of Fertilia, covered by vineyards and olive groves, and we finally arrive at the Wine Resort . The owners welcome us and invite us into the tasting room. The table is already set with all kinds of delicacies. A rich snack is just what we need after a bike tour. Obviously, the king of the tasting is wine, locally produced. We try 5 different types of wine: red, white and rosé. The one we like most is the classic Vermentino, served chilled, it goes down a treat! To accompany the wine we find a rich platter of local cold cuts and cheese and bruschetta bread, served with local olive oil. Everything is really delicious! Last but non least, they offer us homemade Sardinian pastries and a little glass of traditional mirto. We relax and enjoy the sunset on the vineyards, admiring the beautiful sky painted in soft red and orange nuances. It’s time to go home, our bike tour is over, but we are looking forward to another one with Wanny!

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