Cycling the West Coast, Sardinia
Cycling the West Coast, Sardinia

Traveling by bike in Sardinia, what a fantastic experience!

The landscape is so beautiful, the roads are perfect for road bikes, Sardinia is one of the most fascinating and wild places you can visit. Those who come to Sardinia feel privileged, for this reason this island is called the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Traveling along the coast by bicycle is like living a nature spiritual experience, you can feel  the landscape in a completely different way than traveling by car or bus.

In fact, by bike all our senses are active and become one with nature, it is much more than seeing and listening, but above all we feel part of the territory and not visitors, this is the experience that our bicycle tourist live .

The journey through the west coast of Sardinia is certainly among those that make these sensations feel better. The images of the countries visited, the local people, the beaches but above all, the quiet of the Costa Verde, so profound as to make silence feeling like an emotion. Here you can find in the small details of the rocks and the beautiful sea the wonder of this landscape. Forget the noisy world soon and the hostile traffic,  because noises are like music here.

But the Costa Verde is also living in the desert, among the largest in Europe, it is living the old mines with their history of the early twentieth century which is still told in the ruins, if you are lucky enough to sleep under the stars in that tranquility you will remember it forever.

Pedaling through the paths you will seem to get lost but it is not so. The route programmed in the GPS and smartphone only serves to have a reference, but it is in the secondary roads and in the rural areas that the secrets of this territory are discovered. This is an easy path to do even on your own, always proceeding with attention and care. In warm seasons it is recommended to always have a good supply of water.