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The colorful houses on the Temo River give this place a picturesque and slightly Flemish atmosphere.

Bosa, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is not one of the most visited touristic cities of Sardinia but it is surely worth to discover. So, if you wonder where to go during your holidays in Sardinia and you are looking for something more authentic, this is certainly the right place.

Walk on and explore the little streets of its historic center, visit the city cathedral, the Malaspina Castle and take the opportunity to eat an ice cream or sip a glass of the excellent Malvasia di Bosa. And why not stop in one of the numerous riverside restaurants? Perhaps on the charming “Via delle Conce” (literally, the Tanning Houses Streets), to admire the city while tasting a good dish of the day's catch. There are several small fishing boats moored at the pier of the Temo River. This is the only navigable river of all Sardinia!

Therefore, in the summer it’s impossible to resist the temptation to take a ride (or even an aperitif) on the boat to visit the coast that appears beyond the mouth of the river. So, if the colorful city of Bosa makes your stay special, even more will make it the several beaches and natural beauties in the surrounding area: from the closest Bosa Marina (excellent for who looking for comfort and places where to eat or spend the evenings on the beach) to the splendid coves of S'Abba Druche, Su Compultitu and the natural swimming pool of Cane Malu, for diving enthusiasts.

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