West Coast Vertical Tour 2023, ALGHERO - PULA - code NWS06D

West Coast Vertical Tour 2023, ALGHERO - PULA - code NWS06D

Pula, Cagliari, Italy - View on map
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  • 8 Days
  • Max People : 8
  • 15/03/23 to 15/11/23
  • Min Age: 16
  • Pickup: Biking Sardinia in Via Garibaldi 87

West Coast Vertical Tour 2023, ALGHERO - PULA - code NWS07D

From north to south, we'll go down on the west coast of Sardinia. We'll ride with our bikes along a land surface illuminated by the sun and adorned with golden fields, white beaches and variegated shades of blue, and then we will delve into the darkness of its depths. Among caves and mines, we'll reveal the history of a hidden Sardinia and its protagonists in search of priceless treasures: with the passing of the ages, adventurers and explorers eager to discover the natural beauties preserved in the subsoil, leave room for a people forced to dig and face the darkness of the earth in search of one of the most precious energy resources of the industrial age.

Price Includes
E-Bike rental with repair kit (with tube, tyre levers, pump, multitool)
RC Insurance
Road book, Gps and maps with the itinerary
Accomodation with Breakfast included
2 Dinner in Hotel
Assistance service during the tour
Price Excludes
Lugguage Transfer
Airport Transfer
Personal clothing and equipment
Entrance fees to museums and other attractions en route
Tour guide
Travel insurance
Flights not included

Cycling Styles

Touring / Road
Leisure Cycling
Sardinia Adventures
Solo Travel



Trip Duration

7-10 days

Welcome to Sardinia! At your arrival, if you wish, we'll take you from the airport to your hotel in Alghero with a private shuttle service. If your flight arrives earlier in the day, perhaps you might choose to Explore the old town and maybe at our headquarter Biking Sardinia, we'll hand you your E-Bike, after adapting it to your needs.

Bike Fitting and briefing at Biking Sardinia agency A bike fit is the first step to do before you start your ride around Sardinia. We will set up the bikes for you from the foot/pedal interface to seat and handlebar positioning, having your bike fit properly will allow you to have the best experience possible. Riding a bike should be fun and comfortable! After the set-up of the bikes we have a briefing with the description of your tour. On a first day you arrive, we deliver your bikes and after a bike fitting and a briefing about the trip, soon you can have the first ride. Due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea, Alghero was built around a fortified port and its small winding streets make a great place to explore. The wonderful area of the Porto Conte Park with Capo Caccia cliff are really awesome.

You'll descend the west coast of Sardinia passing through one of the most popular scenic roads in the world, so much so that it has also been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The Litoranea 105 is 50 km of pure poetry. Riding through its sinuous shapes, it will almost seem that it was built specifically for your two wheels. You'll slide on the asphalt, elegantly following the course of the landscape and its cliffs, reaching the 400 meters high of Capo Marrangiu and then continuing along an infinite blue panorama, where the Mediterranean scrub alternates with fascinating wild coves all to love. We'll then make a stop in the colorful village of Bosa, where you can spend a few hours among narrow alleys and splendid views, stroll along the Temo River while admiring the small boats that cross it and eat something. Did you know that the Temo is the only navigable river in Sardinia?

After enjoying breakfast, all that remains is to set off with the right charge for S'Archittu. You'll leave the village of Bosa to continue in the direction of Cuglieri. You'll cross an internal and curved road surrounded mainly by fields and vegetation. A landscape as evocative as proved, still today, by the great fire of 2021, but already capable of demonstrating its resilience with the countless signs of greenery and rebirth visible along the way. You will cross the small town of Sennariolo, an authentic village in Italy, after which, after passing the Cuglieri crossroads, you will continue descending for about 10 km until you find the coastal road which, from Santa Caterina di Pittinnuri, will lead you to S'Archittu for enjoy a bath on the shore. From there, off to the Municipality of Cabras where, after traveling about 50 km in one day, you will have won your sweet relaxing evening at the hotel.

Here you are this morning facing your zigzag pedaling through the narrow curves of the Iglesiente. You will descend from Portu Maga towards the wonderful beach of Piscinas (famous for its dunes) and, leaving the mouth of the Rio Irvi behind you, you will enter the landscape of the hinterland of the mines of S 'Ingurtosu, to then find the coast and the blue of its sea once it reaches Portixeddu. From there on to Bugerru and Masua along the cliffs. We'll continue our descent south of the island crossing the Marceddì bridge, built by fishermen, until we reach our destination under Torre dei Corsari. In the first part of the route we'll skirt the Gulf of Oristano towards Arborea up to Marceddì. The town of Arborea, born from the settlement of a Venetian colony in the Fascist period, is quite famous for the production of Sardinian cow's milk and its derivatives. Here is located the company of one of the most loved brands of the island and of which you'll surely happen to taste some products during your breakfasts at the hotel. After the Marceddì bridge we'll continue on the coast road for another 21 km passing through Torre dei Corsari and Porto Palma a few km further down, to reach the hotel.

Here you are this morning facing your zigzag pedaling through the narrow curves of the Iglesiente. You will descend from Portu Maga towards the wonderful beach of Piscinas (famous for its dunes) and, leaving the mouth of the Rio Irvi behind you, you will enter the landscape of the hinterland of the mines of S 'Ingurtosu, to then find the coast and the blue of its sea once it reaches Portixeddu. From there on to Bugerru and Masua along the cliffs. The view will leave you breathless. After a visit to Porto Flavia we will resume our E-Bikes to move slightly away from the coast and stay in the splendid Agriturismo Sa Rocca. Take some time for yourself to relax before starting a new day.

The landscape of the Mines and Porto Flavia will certainly be one of the best memories of this holiday, but the time has come to descend along the Iglesiente and then leave it behind, towards Pula ... but first one last stop! In the km that you will cover during this new day you will be able to admire in the distance the islets of Sant'Antioco and San Pietro which, like Arborea, also see their history and culture closely linked to a non-indigenous population coming from another region of Italy. Italy (Liguria and, more precisely, Genoa). You will keep this panorama on your right until you reach the splendid beach of Porto Pino.

And if until now we have cycled following the dizzying trend of the Sardinian West Coast, now it is time to move a little further. We will skirt the coast to the south to the gates of the Gulf of Cagliari, to finally reach ... Pula! Along the way we will have the opportunity to stop for a swim and a snack in the beautiful coves that we will meet before arriving in Pula.

We arrive at our destination! So this morning let's take it easy: enjoy the Hotel and breakfast before Check-Out.


We use a range of small 3* hotels with double room and where possible we opt for agriturismi (small rural guesthouses). Our carefully selected hosts will ensure you are greeted with a warm welcome at the end of a day’s ride.

Please leave your baggage at the reception desk of your hotel before 10.00 o'clock AM on the day of the lugguage transfer. Don't forget to label with Biking Sardinia tags. Please note, if you are flying, baggage allowances vary from airline to airline and all excess baggage charges must be met by you. Some airlines may only include cabin baggage as standard, and you will need to request hold baggage separately. With some budget carriers now charging for both cabin and hold luggage, please check with your airline for costs.

Breakfasts are typically Italian and in some hotels also international and American, italian breakfast usually consist of a range of breads, cooked meats and cheeses, sweet pastries and yogurts, and of course an Espresso or a big Cappuccino! Evening meals are either taken at a local restaurant or Pizzeria ( tasty great in Sardinia and really cheaper with drink included the average cost is 10,00€ per person).

Sardinia enjoys plenty of hot sunshine and blue skies throughout the year, especially during the summer months with temperatures sometimes going up to as high as 40 degrees centigrade. There is very low rainfall per , and the sun usually arrives in April and extends into October. Spring and autumn are an ideal time for exploring the richness of Sardinia’s wilderness when the temperatures tend to hover around the low to mid 20 degrees centigrade. At the beginning and end of the season(in March and late October) the weather can be a little less predictable and there could be some cooler days. Please check with our team as to how the trip might be affected at this time, as this can differ from year to year.

As part of your Experience, we create guide and itinerary content that will be made available offline to our guests for the duration of their tour.

Sardinia is a cyclists paradise, with excellent quality tarmac, wide roads, few cars and low urbanisation. You will be enchanted by the gradual undulating roads along the coast, passing watch towers, high cliffs and descending to long sandy beaches. As you leave the coast to ride towards the interior, the terrain becomes more mountainous, with longer gradual climbs, alternating with smooth flowing descents. Very short sections leading to the accommodation could be on gravel roads.



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