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Guspini is a town in the historica region of Sulcis-Iglesiente known for the suggestive mining site of Montevecchio.

The Sulcis-Iglesiente historical region and its coastal area have been linked to metal and coal production since ancient times. Sardinia is a land of archaic origins, hence it has always offered various resources, useful for many, but even more precious for kings and emperors.

Obsidian is considered the first material to be extracted in the 6th century. B.C. If you pay attention, during this ride you will be able to admire the distant Monte Arci: this mountain has been one of the most important centers for obsidian mining.

Thus, every kilometer that you cycle is a moment in history. Traders and other important figures, like Phoenicians and Carthaginians, used to stop along the Sardinian coasts fascinated by its mineral treasures, in the attempt to establish a colonialist relationship and exploit the population as well as the land. Afterwards, Roman and Byzantine Empires began to mine lead and silver, and the Republic of Pisa did likewise after officially founding Iglesias' district. The crown of Aragon and the dukes of Savoy consisted in the most influent dominions; they have been considered as an ugly chapter in the history and development of Sardinia since then. Then the fascist period came, and large coal deposists were built around Sulcis in parallel with the establishment of the city of Carbonia.

In short, you will explore a landscape and architectures full of stories to be told about land exploitation, the fatigue and resilience of a population which, despite everything, has never stopped rising against violence. A melancholic plot that takes place in the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and infinite beauty.

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