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There is nothing better than reading a good book about a bike trip before planning your bike holiday. That's why despite the huge offer on the web, we want to offer you some of our selections, including many written by expert local cyclists who know Sardinia better than anyone. Some of these like Amos Cardia's books capture beauty and adventure stories full of experiences. We also recommend for those who just want a good read. (Links and pricing are specific to Kindle eBooks, but all are also available in print)

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Amos Cardia

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Amos Cardia is a 100% local Sardinian, he is the writer with the largest number of bike travel books. Lover of bikepacking, he created the MyLand MTB NON STOP, the Sardinia Divide and the Belvì Trail.

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Forty travel stories by thirty authors who for four years, from 2015 to 2018, have participated in MyLand MTB NON STOP and the Belvì Trail. These are the major events in Sardinia for those who love long mountain bike itineraries to be traveled without external assistance through wild territories on dirt roads, mule tracks and paths.
A collection of compelling stories that reveal the spirit of the writer, from the hardened agonists fighting against time and other athletes, able to pedal day and night for hundreds of km without stopping, to the relaxed travelers who visit all the monuments and all the bars along the way, socializing at every opportunity with the local population. A pleasant read also for those who do not practice mountain biking but want to know more about the mountains, Sardinia, endurance sports, adventure and resilience.

Natural environment and spectacular landscapes, villages and archaeological sites frozen in time: the T-track is an unforgettable mountain bike trip along the traditional routes of transhumance and ancient rural mobility in central Sardinia, crossing a naturalistic and historical-anthropological environment ancestral to the gentle step of Nature. Born from a study on the territory and from the enhancement of cycling tourism in Sardinia, the T-Track (Path of Transhumance, Tramudas in Sardinian language) is a path that winds for about 300 km in an uncontaminated and unique territory in the world between Barbagia and Ogliastra. Not a mere mountain bike trail, the T-Track is a complete tourism product that aims to become an international “must”. The guide meets the needs of the average and experienced practitioner, guiding them along dirt roads and paths with different levels of difficulty, through detailed descriptions of the routes, stages and logistics, detailed maps, spectacular images and the tourist description of the attractions present along the path.

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